2018 Was Incredible. 2019 Will Be Better

Tomorrow will be the end of a huge month and a half for our family. Three birthdays (I turn 3 6 tomorrow! 🙌🏻), a baptism, visa travels, other travels (planned before our unexpected visa trip 😉) holidays, etc.

It has been a wild year for us Poelmans and let me tell you: ONE OF THE BEST. I said goodbye to 2015-2017 with ease. 2018 was different. I made a lot of personal changes. I learned to manage my mind. I realized that I am the reason for all of my results in life and I GET to take ownership of that—which is wonderful because I have a choice over how I feel about my circumstances.

I created some new amazing results for myself during the year. I started taking better care of myself. I brought back some old self-care habits that went away during 2015. I’m stronger. I lost 20+ lbs. I’m planning to lose more and get stronger—because I want to and because I can. I am teaching my kids some crazy-empowering stuff so that they can continue to thrive in life. My kids are also teaching me lots of incredible things, like french, forgiveness, unconditional love, how to scream really loudly 😉, and more.

As I hit my 36th birthday tomorrow and think about the new year, I have already decided that 2019 WILL BE MY BEST YEAR YET. It’s done. I get to choose how to look at everything and make it the BEST or worst.

During 2018 I made a lot of unconventional decisions—life has never been more exciting. There has also been pain, but that is part of the human experience. Learning to metabolize pain and negative emotions fully has been a game-changer for me. Feeling the lows (without numbing out from food or lack of sleep or whatever it may be) has enabled me to enjoy some fantastic highs. I’m amazed by all the learning I’ve gone through and look forward to more!

Xxx friends and Happy New Year! 🎉