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2018 Was Incredible. 2019 Will Be Better

As I hit my 36th birthday tomorrow and think about the new year, I have already decided that 2019 WILL BE MY BEST YEAR YET. It’s done. I get to choose how to look at everything and make it the BEST or worst.

My Changes in Parenting since 2015

When Danny was in the depths of one of his depressive stages he said "if anything I’m learning here can help my kids it will be worth it.”

My Journey Towards Forgiveness

There were some people I needed to forgive along this journey. It was tempting to hang on to my anger and not forgive certain people, but I realized that when I withhold forgiveness to punish someone with my emotions, I am only punishing myself.

My Best Mother’s Day Ever!

About five years ago my husband stopped buying me presents on holidays. If he did give me something he would wing some sort of gift like 5 minutes before giving it to me—it was pretty obvious, ha! 

“My Marriage is Complicated!”

The phrase “my marriage is complicated” is a thought. An optional thought.

My Conscious Choice to Choose Marriage

I didn’t want to feel trapped in marriage, I wanted to choose it.
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