My Conscious Choice to Choose Marriage

Have you ever felt that feeling, that feeling of being trapped in some circumstance you thought had absolutely no control over?

I have. I have in multiple circumstances at different points in my life. More of that “Life happened to me” mentality, I suppose.

One day I had the idea (probably thanks to a podcast) that I wanted to actively choose marriage, every day.

I didn’t want to feel trapped in marriage, I wanted to choose it.

I told my husband this. He didn’t like how it sounded. It scared him. He said things like “You’ve felt trapped in our marriage, I feel so horrible that you’ve felt that way.”

To that I said “Yes, I have felt trapped, but even when I felt that way, I was still choosing you, choosing our marriage, every day.”

And that feeling of ‘trapped’ was a result of my optional thought about our marriage.

Shifting my thought to something like “I am choosing this marriage every day” led me to feel empowered. Thought work you guys, it’s the real deal.