My Church calling(s) and lack there-of

I am an active member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

When I was confused/sad and angry towards God I still desired to go to church.

I did not have all the answers about why “everything was happening to me.” I had set a pattern of going to church weekly.

Sometimes it felt like a waste of time because I would go alone with my three young kids (hubs had bouts of anxiety where church was too triggering for him) late, wrestle with them during the first block, etc. Oddly enough there was always one comment from one person I needed to hear that would sustain me.

I can’t remember what calling I had when everything hit the fan but I do know that I was released and given a much-needed break.

When I did get asked to serve in another capacity I was stretched very thin in my personal life. Time, at this point, was everything to me.

Before accepting, I let the president know a little bit about my situation, what I could handle and exactly what I could commit to. I found this to be very valuable because before I even accepted this calling she knew how much time I could give. I felt good about my service what I could and hopefully she did too. I was eventually released from this calling and a few months later I was asked to accept another.

I said no. I was starting another tax season, we were thinking about moving—I had a lot going on. I said no to a calling and felt 100% ok about it!

The church handbook says that one “circumstance to consider is the overall time demands that members face in supporting their families and taking care of other personal matters.”

We had a lot of personal matters. I had three little children, two part-time jobs (one of which gets a lot busier during tax season), a husband to support in his own recovery, my own recovery—it was a lot.

My point in sharing this is not to show you how to say no to callings.

But if you need to say no, it’s fine!

I had the desire to serve but not the capacity. When I have more capacity to serve, I serve more. This wasn’t my time or season and I felt great about my decision.

The bishopric was very supportive of my but regardless of their actions I felt good about my choice. I know my limits more than anyone else on this planet. I was proud to consciously decide that I love myself too much to spread myself even more thin. As I talk more in later posts, I’ll discuss more about owning our own emotions and letting others own theirs—such powerful stuff!


Your ‘active non-calling and content with it’ church member friend 😉