My realization and acceptance of my husband’s trauma

Betrayal trauma is the real deal. It’s not fun.

An interesting thing happened in late 2016. My husband and I both realized and accepted that he had some very legitimate childhood trauma that he needed to process. Our acceptance of this led us both in a state of betrayal trauma. I was already processing my own with my husband and now we were both processing it with regard to another human. This betrayal ran a lot less deep for me than Danny. But it was there, nonetheless, and another grieving process began.

It was at this time that between this acceptance (and the additional trauma that followed), generalized stress, work during tax season, lack of sleep, lack of tools to process everything (and the emotional eating that followed) that I packed on weight (which I discuss here)!

And you know what? My body acted perfectly.

If there was an equation for rapid weight gain for me, this was it.

And that is all there is to say about the weight gain.

I don’t need to add any dramatic thoughts to the equation. It’s just math.

I now have the tools I need to work through this. I am more comfortable with the idea of discomfort, hence the decline in my weight this year.

So why is am I posting about this? I want to reiterate that trauma is real, and it has real effects on us. My husband wrote a great post (click here) that has a lot of good insight on trauma.