My Desire to Reconnect with my kids

Tax season (2017) was tough. I had a lot going on.

Broken toe was limiting my workouts, hubs and I realizing and accepting his past trauma (which drove both of us through another grief cycle and him into betrayal trauma), needs of kids still very intense (kids were just 6, 4, and 1.5), increased workload, decreased sleep, increased anxiety/insomnia, subsequent increase of weight, etc.

I barely made it through. I missed my kids. So. Stinking. Much. I broke down with my mentor at work. I took a sabbatical. I needed to get away from everything that distracted me from what mattered most—my little family.

Time had become invaluable. I wanted to cut out anything that took time from my kiddos. I loved my neighbors, my neighborhood, my people (outside of my immediate family)—but as great as those people were, I knew even they could distract from what I needed so desperately: time to reconnect with my family. So, we rented our house out and left for the summer.

I felt like Hubs was ready to be pushed a little too. He probably didn’t (ha!).

Home was comfortable. Home had certainty. Traveling abroad was uncomfortable—it freaked him out! Stepping away gave Danny the clarity to realize how certain relationships were affecting him.

I took a social media break. It was just the five of us. The five of us on a journey to explore, connect, and just be.

I came back re-energized with new priorities in order. Hubs came back stronger. Isn’t it crazy? The same circumstance that led to me feeling so alive led my husband to feel anxious. Hubs got comfortable with the discomfort and grew. When we got home he had a lot more resilience and was able to function more. Our nanny came substantially less due to his inability to watch the kids. This. Was. Huge!!!!

Having time to focus on my little family was just what I needed. I love those little ones so much! I am forever grateful for the support I had from family/friends to make this trip happen. It was just what we needed and was a pivotal point in me and Danny’s life.