My busy season’s as a tax accountant, mom, caretaker, human

I had always planned to go back into the workforce—but didn’t think it would be until all kids were in elementary school.

My responsibilities at home didn’t adjust down during work busy seasons and in between in therapy, taking care of my kids, trying to keep my house together, etc. I put sleep low on my priority list. If it weren’t for my babysitting angels I would have likely drowned. I treaded water long enough to get me through tax season(s).

In some ways the work was a healthy distraction. The busy hours bled late into nights, and the insomnia created a zombie-like woman. I have blocked a lot of those months out of my life. I was incredibly relieved at the end of those tax seasons knowing I could spend more time with my kids. I had a great job and worked with amazing people, I just fell prey to the nature of the client service industry.  

The first busy season I made it a point to keep working out. By the second busy season I wasn’t healing properly from a broken toe—I chose to cut my spin classes out of my schedule. In retrospect, I think I needed this break but it would have healthy to have replaced teaching with another outlet.

The third busy season I prioritized my yoga classes. I sometimes asked myself questions like “why would I take additional time away from my kids when I’m already not seeing them as much as I want to?” The answer is this: I needed to learn to love and accept myself completely for who I was.

I heard a quote recently that really resonated with me. I tried looking it up to give credit where it was due but couldn’t find it (if you know send me an email!). “The best way to elevate society is to heal oneself.” I totally believe this. Taking care of myself was and is the best thing I can do for my family.

Although work, yoga, and other responsibilities lessened the quantity of time I had with my kids, the quality of time spent with them was more intentional.