Are you tired of

Feeling like a victim to your husband’s porn use? 

Wondering if it’s possible to repair your marriage?

Feeling committed to your husband but confused about what his porn use means for you? 

Wondering what’s real and not real in your marriage? 

I'll show you how to

Heal from the emotional wounds that tend to come after finding out his past or present porn use. 

Know in your bones that his actions have NOTHING to do with you, your beauty, worth, and lovability.

Find strength and clarity for yourself, and your marriage.

Rise up, discover, and step into the energy of the incredible woman that you already are.

This can happen whether he’s stopping, stopped, or not stopping his behavior. 

Client breakthroughs

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Rest is necessary.  

It doesn’t need to be earned.  

It is important for recovery.  

And if we’re nice to ourselves during any restorative or recovering period, we will discover so much about ourselves. 

And you know what’s fun, recognizing that rest is creative.  

Being in a space where you can let your mind wander and generate ideas without fear is sensational. 

This creativity can be directed towards any part of our lives—like marriage.  

Sometimes we remain in comparison or confusion, boggling ourselves down with thoughts like: 

🤷🏼‍♀️ “I don’t know.” 
🤷🏻‍♀️ “I don’t know what to do.” 

If you can relate, this is totally normal.  

And . . . The most amazing changes can happen when we add little qualifiers like: 

💁🏼‍♀️ “I dont know . . . yet.” 
💁🏽‍♀️“I don’t know . . . and I’m figuring it out.” 
💁🏻‍♀️ “I don’t know right now, and that’s ok.” 

And my favorite: 

🙋🏼‍♀️ “If I did know . . . . ________.” 

There is so much knowing inside of each and every one of us.  

Sometimes pausing, sitting, resting, and intentionally managing your mind is the key to unlock the deeper knowing that’s already there. 

So whether you’re resting to simply rest, discover more about you, or anything else, BE NICE. 💙 

Let your sitting time be restorative.  

It doesn’t start with a hammock. 🌴 

It starts with your BRAIN. 🧠

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We may not choose our winters but we can decide how we experience them.🌬 

We can push back and try force summer regimens; but what do plants & animals do?  

They don’t fight it or pretend it’s not happening. 

They also aren’t making it mean that they did something wrong. 

It’s a fact of life, inevitable. 

They adapt & perform extraordinary acts of metamorphosis.

As humans, we forget this. 

We dream of a life of eternal summers. 

And because we aren’t taught to recognize and thus acknowledge the winters that unfailingly come, we see it as an embarrassment. 

We take an entirely ORDINARY part of our life experience, and we hide it. 

Consequently, not only are we then isolated in our winters, we promulgate the idea that it should be hidden. 

When I think about plants & animals dropping into impending winters, notice what happens. 

They adapt. 

They carry out “acts of brutal efficiency and vanish from sight, but that’s where the transformation occurs. Winter is not the death of a life cycle, but it’s crucible (-K. May).” 

What would be different if we were more open & engaged with our winters? 

And what if it actually takes LESS ENERGY TO ACCEPT your winters than fight & resist them? 

“Once we stop wishing . . . winter can be a glorious season when the world takes on a sparse beauty. It’s a time for reflection and recuperation (-May).” 

When my husband got sick and stopped working over 5 years ago, it was a surprise frost.❄️ 

It shocked my system. 

My winter helped me cut the fat out of my life. 

Things that “mattered” in the past stopped mattering. 

Things that weren’t on my radar became the most important (ahem, survival). 

I’ve come out of it stronger, happier, lighter, & more connected than ever. 

And ... my body did some AMAZING things. It grew with me. It was the artifice that allowed me to do everything over the years. 

My brain, a physical organ, literally created new neural pathways. 

My brain—thanks to coaching—brought me PEACE, even before the “wintering” ended. 

If you are wintering, you don’t have to do it alone.

You aren't meant to.

Stuck? Dm me. I can help you.


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I’m on a high.   
A high from over 7 conversations today with women going for it.   
They’re addressing their wounds.   
They’re leaning into the discomfort.   
They’re courageously TURNING INWARD to create the powerful lives they want—and deserve!   
I could do this till the day I die.    
I feel so honored to spend time with the women I talk to.    
These women are choosing to put their energy into where they have control—themselves.   
And the breakthroughs they’re having—monumental.   
They do the heavy lifting, I offer guidance and support.   
They’re strengthening their foundations and developing themselves into more of who they want to be, and I get to be the scaffolding watching the beauty unfold.    
Thank you all, thank you. 😘   
And if you’re wondering what is possible for you . . . . Let’s get on a call to see if coaching is right for you. Either way, you’ll leave being one step closer to the next thing you want—AND deserve.   
What do you want more of?    
This is available to you right now. Curious? Message me. Don’t wait on those dreams of yours.    

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As women we’re conditioned to give.  
We’re oftentimes conditioned to give without taking time to pause and think about our own capacity.  
When it comes to him confiding in you with his porn habit so he doesn’t have to tell anyone else,  
Ask yourself:  
👩🏼‍🔬“What is my response on the INSIDE when he tells me?”  
👩🏽‍🔬“How is this affecting me today, this week, this year?”  
👩🏻‍🔬“If he could find support anywhere, would I want to be his point person?”  
If his confiding and reporting to you sends you into a tailspin whenever he looks:  
🍀It may be worth pressing pause.  
🍀It may be worth recognizing you don’t have the capacity to support yourself in this—and him.  
🍀It may be worth recognizing that you being his point person hasn’t actually gotten him to stop yet either.  
So . . .  
If you don’t want it to be you, DON’T.  
“Because I don’t want to” is a good enough reason.  
Your desire is JUST as valid and important as his opposite one.  
Questions? DM me.  

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This man.   
He’s a rockstar.   
He has a 6 month program for men who want to stop looking at porn.   
In his program he has an insane portal with videos and workbooks teaching men the process he used to stop for good without shame.   
And you know what?   
I started offering this portal for FREE to all of my new clients.   
Because we can.   
Because it’s fun to provide value like this.   
If you need help but feel conflicted because you want it for your husband (who may not even know what coaching is), this could be the way for you to get some serious support and warm him up to thought work (when he’s ready).   
Questions? Reach out love!   

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We all strive for it. 

First of all, it’s unrealistic. 

And honestly . . . 

EVEN IF any of us could get there  

It might just be BORING. 

Don’t believe me? 

Hey I enjoy a little boredom here and there.  

Personally, being perfect long-term sounds robotic. 

I want to FEEL. 

I want to be ALIVE. 

I want to evolve because it’s exhilerating. 

But being perfect? It sounds like learning and evolving would stop. 

What if perfection is what all of us are doing right now? 


Literally doing what we’re meant for on this planet called earth: LEARNING.🧠 


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