Are you tired of

Feeling like a victim to your husband’s porn use? 

Wondering if it’s possible to repair your marriage?

Feeling committed to your husband but confused about what his porn use means for you? 

Wondering what’s real and not real in your marriage? 

I'll show you how to

Heal from the emotional wounds that tend to come after finding out his past or present porn use. 

Know in your bones that his actions have NOTHING to do with you, your beauty, worth, and lovability.

Find strength and clarity for yourself, and your marriage.

Rise up, discover, and step into the energy of the incredible woman that you already are.

This can happen whether he’s stopping, stopped, or not stopping his behavior. 

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Any sense of brokenness we feel doesn’t come from his behavior.    
Even if that’s what we’ve been taught to believe.   
Our ‘brokenness’ comes from our thinking patterns in our brain.   
“Stop it” you say.   
“How is this possible?!?”   
👎🏻We have been taught that men turn to porn when they’re not getting “enough” from their spouses or girlfriends.   
👎🏻We have been taught that we’re responsible for giving him what he “needs.”   
👎🏻We are taught that if he does look at porn it can also be because there is something wrong with us.   
👎🏻We have been taught that porn use breaks families apart.   
👎🏻And so.much.more.   
Whether explicit or implicit, this is taught to us—and a lot of us internalize these messages from a young age.   
To top it all off, porn is a ‘taboo’ subject that no one likes to talk about.  🙅🏼‍♀️ 
Consequently, many of us self-isolate, receive no support in our pain or confusion, and things compound.  🙇🏼‍♀️ 
This is not a fun place to be AMIRIGHT?   
Whether passed down by men OR women, they are simply NOT true.   
And we don’t.   
If we did, we would have stopped our husbands from looking, because I know us women, and we are resourceful.  💪🏻 
If you are a woman (or man) and believe any of these messages, you’re normal. Nothing is wrong for believing or thinking these things are true.   
Some of these ideas have been passed down for 1000’s of years.   
Now, ask yourself:   
❓Even if I believe those ideas are true, is it helping me to think this way?   
❓Is it getting me the connected relationship that I want?   
❓Do I want to keep believing this?   
If you don’t want to anymore, it is possible.   
Unlearning stuff that some human somewhere 1000’s of years ago decided was true, this can be done.   
What else could change after we knock down this domino?   
The ripple effect of that my friend, it has no end.  🔆  
I promise.

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Your husband isn’t broken. 

He never was. 

He just hasn’t learned to walk that tightrope yet.🚶🏽 

And here we are, irresponsibly (although conditioned to believe this) invested in his tightrope walking success. 

We’re clenching from the sidelines, nervous, anxious, wanting so badly for him to cross—and he is too. 

He’s thinking about him, and us too. 

He doesn’t want to let himself down. 

He doesn’t want to let you and other loved ones down. 

He doesn’t want to be left in the dust. 

He’s scared too.❤️ 

But we’re forgetting something. 


And when he falls, we’re all devastated. 

Yet he gets up.🙏🏻 

And we get our hopes up again. 

So here’s the deal my dear dear friends. 

He isn’t broken.🤍 

He never was.💙 

He just hasn’t found his trainer yet. 

And it doesn’t have to be you. 

If you’ve never walked that tightrope before, it shouldn’t have to be you. 

It doesn’t need to be you—even if it feels like you’re the only one. 

That isn’t true. 

Let him find a trainer.💪🏻 

It may be the most loving thing you can do for yourself—and him—and your marriage.💍

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Ever get confused when you hear this phrase? 

Like, “Optional? How?” 

Or does it seem like you feel first then think? 

Tune into today’s podcast to clear up any confusion and get some real-life examples on how to shift thoughts that don’t serve you.  

The tiniest changes can create radical change over time.  

Trust me.  


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